The Ghost

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"I have an idea about where to look for the cemetery," Nate told them. "You guys want to see? It's not too far from where I met Hajji." He stepped out of the alcove and closed the cupboard behind Hannah and Will. "Except we should probably take some mace or something this time, just in case we see another bear." "Bears?" Hannah said. "I'll pass." "Sure, let's go," Will said. Nate figured Hannah's light colored skirt and low heel shoes really weren't adaptable to a hike. But it would be rude to leave her here while he went off with Will. But, if she really wouldn't mind. "Maybe we should split up," he suggested. "Will and I can check out the woods while you poke around the house." "How do you think it will look if I searched…show more content…
He pulled the lid opened, creating a small cloud of dust as he reached into a box and declared success. "Books," he said and offered the one he held to Hannah. "Thanks, Mr. Freedman," Hannah said. She looked over and waved to them with a big smile. Will and Nate walked over as his granddad pulled another book from the box. "The Rural Economic of Tobacco Farming," he read. "Sounds about as dry as this attic." "How old are these books?" Will asked, seeming suddenly excited. "Older than me," Granddad chuckled then walked to the stairs and headed down. "I'll leave it to you young people to sort them out." "Let's check the dates on the books," Will said even more excited now. "Hold up," Nate said, "why would we want to do that? And, Hannah, how did you get my granddad to bring you up here?" "Sometimes information was hidden in a book." Will took a seat beside the boxes and continued as though Nate hadn't spoken. "Find a book that might have been around when the house was built, or shortly after. Comb through it for clues. It might be a handwritten notation at the front or back of the book. It might even be on a particular page, say, the same number as the house address." Nate looked at Hannah. "I don't think they had house numbers back in those days." He glanced at Will and whispered, "Is he okay?" "He gets this way when he smells history. Give it a few minutes and he'll forget we're even here." "Yeah, right,"

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