The Ghost In The Christmas Ghost

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This story is about a sting man called Ebenezer Scrooge who despises Christmas and any event happening on it. The story kicks off by the visit of his nephew and two men, he answers fiercely to both of them as a result of the Christmas events they verbalized about. He also interacts with his current co worker by letting him rest during Christmas Day which Scrooge is obligated to do. Previous from Christmas his ex co worker who had perish arose to him as a ghost. He announced him that horrific situations would happen if he did not modified his way of living and that three ghosts would show up to him to show him the past, present, and future.
First appeared the Past Christmas Ghost which presents him a Christmas when he was juvenile and lonesome in an abandoned school, suddenly his sister shows up to tell him that his father would allow him back at home. Then the ghost
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There are only three persons at his funeral that did not cognize Scrooge well and are only planning what to do with his fortune considering he did not have anyone close to give the money to. The only change that happens due to his death is that a family are grateful considering the debt they had could take more time to be paid. The ghost also shows his co worker and his family disconsolate due to the passing over of Tiny Tim. Scrooge feels panicked and remorseful and promises the ghost to cause a change in his live.
The last chapter is the day of christmas after all the ghosts have came. Scrooge has an exceptional mindset and he is cheerful. He starts by sending a turkey to his co worker’s house and offering money to a kid that helps him to buy the turkey, then he meals with his nephew even though he had denied his invitation before. The next day his co worker appears fifteen minutes late to work and when he comes Scrooge pretends to be furious at him but then he gives him a better salary for his
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