The Ghostfaces Alternate Ending

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“It’s always better to assume the worst.” -John Flanagan Brotherband: The Ghostfaces John walks through the stale leaves of the jungle. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! “Shhhhhh, you’re too loud,” whispered Kate with her teeth together. “This is our first mission, I don’t want you messing my dreams up.” “There’s no one here, why do we have to be quiet?” John replied. “Just be quiet!” Neither of them knew if there was anybody within a mile, the jungle only had the sounds of birds that seemed to intentionally break the silence. John and Kate paced towards the only light besides the moon in the jungle. They came up to an opening in the forest, no trees or pants, just grass. The sight of five sleeping men with guns and a dying down fire startled both of…show more content…
John motioned Kate to him, but Kate froze when she saw a shadowy figure in front John. “John run!” Kate yelled at the top of her lungs. John looked around him in confusion, then he saw the men instantly wake up and seize their guns. “Yikes!” John bellowed painfully, turned towards Kate, and sprinted into the arm like overgrowth of the jungle. He caught up to Kate and they hid in a hollow log. Kate called for an extraction on her walkie-talkie and gave John an I’m-going-to-kill-you look, “You really messed it up this time.” Kate angrily spoke, “Wait till Boss finds out.” John didn’t answer, he knew that he made a fool of himself. The helicopter extraction arrived a few feet away from the duo. As they hopped in, Kate said to the pilot, “Alpha.” The pilot nodded understandably and pushed the throttle up. “Why back so soon, you had a full two days booked?” Boss asked sarcastically. Nobody knew his real name, but he is the head of the Brave Orders Secret Society(or BOSS), an organization for young spies. “Well you see,” Kate started, “John here, didn’t expect the unexpected!” John tilted his head down in shame. “WHAT!” Boss howled back, “YOU DIDN’T GET THE INTEL!” His face bulged with veins and looked like a red balloon that’s about to pop. “YOU’RE BOTH
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