The Gi Bill And How It Effected Student Equity

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Introduction Prior to this assignment student veterans were a portion of the student population that I had no prior experience or knowledge of interacting with outside the scope of my history of higher education course reviewing the components of the GI Bill. The assignment allowed me to get an in depth historical analysis of the GI Bill and how it effected student equity in higher education from its establishment. I have come to understand the services students veterans possess but as well as some of the limitations they face being advocates for themselves in order to receive their benefits. In revolving around the topic of student equity, my team’s research found a wealth of knowledge from higher education scholars who see the need of the GI Bill in further providing student equity to student veterans. Scholars saw the important qualities that the GI Bill possess and advocated for further services in assisting student veterans and their families in not only understanding their medical benefits but also create a supportive community on campus. The overall goal of researching the GI Bill and by doing so includes student veterans is that the bill provides equitable support to returning students that have served, support for dependents of those who serve(d), and the growing student population student veterans are becoming through the new GI Bill. Historical Analysis The Servicemen’s Readjustment Act of 1944 or the original “GI Bill” provided: 1. educational funding for

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