The Gift Of A Gift

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This story is about a man giving a gift that is intended to show gratitude to a stranger’s good deed that moved him years ago. An old woman with her two grandchildren went to the supermarket for some groceries. The little boy and girl accompanied their grandmother, helping her out with some groceries. While the little girl was picking a few things at the market, her grandmother told her that the items she had chosen were not necessarily, although, the grandmother told her granddaughter to choose something special for her grandfather since it was his birthday, while he was home waiting for them to come back with the groceries. The little girl picked up a cake from the pastry section and ran to the counter where her grandmother and brother were waiting, ready to check out. When the cashier added the cake to the other items it made the grocery purchase higher than the money they had in hand, so the grandmother pleaded with the cashier to void the cake out of her transaction. The granddaughter pleaded with the grandmother that she wanted the cake and that she would not have asked for anything else. The grandmother had no choice by not buying the cake. As soon as they left the market a gentleman at the market decided to purchase the cake that the young girl left at the market. The grandmother and her grandchildren on their way home the gentle man approached the young girl and the grandmother with the cake that the young girl chose for her grandfather. The grandmother stated to

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