The Gift Of Adoption By Dr. Jane Aronson

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Adoption, an extensive process, allows individuals who have been given up or taken away from their biological parent(s) the opportunity to be welcomed into the loving and warm embrace of adoptive parent(s). Adopting a child is a such a unique experience and it takes a person with a lot of heart and courage to do so. Carried in Our Hearts: THE GIFT OF ADOPTION: Inspiring Stories of Families Created Across Continents written by Dr. Jane Aronson is a beautiful tribute to the process of adoption. Dr. Jane Aronson is a pediatrician who strongly advocates for children domestically and internationally. Her focus is on adoption medicine, which she has been doing for over thirty years. She created the Worldwide Orphans Foundation which aims to…show more content…
This novel shows through personal testimonies what the adoption process is like, and how emotionally moving it can be. In part one, The Decision, Dr. Aronson explains some of the main reasons why people adopt. The most commonly assumed reason why someone adopts according to Dr. Aronson is infertility. This is understandable because a woman, or a couple may want to have children, but they cannot have their own biological children. Adoption is a way for those individuals to start their own families. Secondly, Dr. Aronson states that young couples may want to simply save orphans as opposed to having their own biological children, which leads to another reason why people adopt. If a person sees a news story about a disease that is affecting children in a particular area, then they may feel emotionally inclined to adopt. Sometimes, working abroad can strike the desire to adopt, as well as the loss of a loved one, or becoming empty nesters (Dr. Aronson, 2013, pgs. 7-8). All of those are valid reasons for why individuals decide that they want to adopt, and the various personal stories in this section, demonstrate those reasons. For example, Dr. Aronson includes a testimony from Maggie Greenwald, a New York filmmaker who tells her story of why her and her husband chose to adopt. Maggie states that she found love at an older age: late thirties- early forties. Since she found love at an older age, she had difficulties conceiving. She reflects on
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