The, Gift Of God 's Grace

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Chapter 17 Assignment #3 (Ryan Cho) 17.3 Joseph II of Austria, Toleration Patent 1781, pogroms, Pietism, John Wesley, Methodism, “gift of God’s grace” 1) Joseph II of Austria. Joseph II of Austria was emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from 1765 to 1790, and served as ruler of Habsburg from 1780 to 1790. Joseph strongly emphasized an enlightened version of absolutism, which gained him much needed support at the time. During his tenure, Joseph sough truly radical changes in government through Enlightenment ideas. His commitment to modernizing reforms, although, endangered him and allowed significant opposition to gain power against him. For that reason, he never fully implemented his plans of absolutism, as he died without an heir to the throne. 2) Toleration Patent 1781. The Toleration Patent of 1781, also known as the Edict of Toleration, was an edict that was issued in 1781 by Joseph II of Austria. The edict allowed members of minority faiths (not of Christianity, for example, Protestant religions) to perform religious practices without being persecuted. This was very important for minority faiths it finally allowed them religious freedom and separation from the Church, which led to the growth of Protestant populations 3) Pogroms. A pogrom is a somewhat organized, and violent riot or massacre aimed against a specific group or ethnicity. One, for example, was aimed specifically at the Jews. The word pogroms spread and was entered the dictionary because of the countless
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