The Gift of Fear

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“The Gift Of Fear,” a psychology book written by Gavin De Becker, is an extremely useful and informative read. It gives valuable advice about how to act upon human intuition, how to recognize threats, and defines what real fear is and it’s purpose. I found the book to be extremely interesting. This book provided me with a sense of understanding on violence and fear and I feel much better prepared when it comes to recognizing dangerous situations. My favorite part of the book was the warning signs to know when a stranger is a potential threat. This was fascinating to me because I’ve been told since I was just a little boy to beware of strangers. But with all these warnings about strangers I had never been told how to recognize when a…show more content…
When a person gets that “gut feeling” that something just isn’t right, it should never be ignored. Our natural human intuition is giving us that “gut feeling” for a reason. And that sensation of danger can save lives. One example of how human intuition works was given in the book; a man walked into a convenience store, had a gut feeling he needed to get out of there, left, and found out later that day the convenience store had been robbed and the cashier had been shot and killed. This seemingly random feeling of danger that spared this mans life was not random at all. His intuition let him know to have fear because the cashier looked as if he was fearful when the man walked into the store and also there was a second nervous looking customer wearing a long concealing jacket while it was hot outside. His intuition let him know that there was a potentially dangerous situation even if he wasn’t looking for the signs that were there. This applies to my life because everybody can experience these “gut feelings” from human intuition; I know now to act upon them and to never ignore them because they have the capability to save your life. One thing I learned about fear is that it can basically act for us. With fear humans can make critical decisions that they wouldn’t dare make without fear edging them on. A story that particularly shocked me was the story of a young woman named Kelly. She followed her
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