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Many critics agree, “The Gift of the Magi” is, in all respects, an amazing and one of a kind story. One critic says, “Ironically, Fagin arrives at something utterly crucial to the success of 'The Gift of the Magi': that it has everything—an absorbing (if short) narrative drive and a twist ending that makes it wholly original” (Korb). Even renowned critic, Rena Korb, agrees; O.Henry did an excellent job with this story. Though O. Henry wrote many great stories, one of his most famous, and favorite, stories of all time is “The Gift of the Magi.” “The gift of the Magi” is a classic about a couple who sacrifices their happiness for the other. It is one of Henry’s most popular stories by far; even being remade many times. Such a popular story …show more content…
O. Henry included two more quotes, “ Her eyes were shining brilliantly….” and “…it terrified her,” to show that her emotions changed many times. Della's emotions went from being sad, to being hopeful of getting money, and then to terrified that she would no longer be accepted by Jim. Though Della's emotions change, Della is still static overall. Without being directly stated in the story, it is shown that Della loves Jim in the beginning and also loves him at the end. Della even went to lengths of having her hair cut off in order to please him with a great gift. Throughout the entire story, hints are displayed, telling the reader that Della loves Jim (Henry). A major show of this being that she cut her hair off just to get him a good present. Critic Rena Korb talks about the sacrifice of goods stating, “convey… unselfish sacrifices we make for those we love…. Not sentimental, but universal truth” (“The Gift of the Magi”). Interpreted, this means that people give up things close to themselves in order to please people they love. Everybody does it, so nobody can say that they have not, or would not. Della is no different. Also, since there is no concrete proof of these feelings, it leads to the realization that there is indirect characterization and also sort of shows that the story is not driven to characterize the people. “The Gift of the Magi” is a plot driven story, not a character driven one (“The Gift of the

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