The "Gifted" Child

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The “Gifted” Child

The gifted child or adolescent with ADD may not fit classical definitions of educationally handicapped or gifted. On one hand, he or she may be able to use their skills to cover up the ADD and never receive help or guidance. Giftedness has been defined in a variety of ways. In the past, giftedness was defined by a global score on an IQ test. More recently, professionals have been interested in looking at different types of talents instead of a global number. The term gifted is often used to refer to students with academic excels in language or mathematics. Individuals with specific gifts in the areas of art, music or athletic performance are sometimes more plainly called talented. In this paper, I will be
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If the student is particularly creative, the parents may want to bring a portfolio of his work to the assessment. Proper evaluation is beneficial even if the student doing fairly good work in school. Many bright adults are not diagnosed until they are much older. As children, they used their superior intellectual and creative abilities to develop their own learning strategies. Sometimes, this produces a creative, individualistic adult. Often, though, they experience the chronic strain of trying to compensate, and the shame of low achievement.
The gifted student may be eager to know more about his or her diagnosis. They may want a more technical explanation of the biological and psychological basis of ADD. In some cases, the clinician and family watch in amazement as the student takes the information and “runs with it.” A better understanding makes it easier to develop coping strategies. For those too inattentive to read books, there are books on tape about ADD. Many treatments are similar to those recommended for individuals of average intelligence. These can include medication, behavioral programming and therapy. For some students, this may decrease or even eliminate the need for educational accommodation. Such a student may be excited and relieved when truly able to experience his great talents. If a learning disability is present, or if the ADD does not respond to medication, one may need to modify the school situation.
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