The Gilded Age : A Powerhouse Rose From The Ashes Of The Civil War

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Progressives in the Gilded Age
The Gilded Age: A powerhouse rose from the ashes of the Civil War. From the Civil War until about 1896, the Gilded Age was born. The United States was going through an era of governmental, fiscal and societal restructuring. Gilded Age got its name because Mark Twain seen as a period where everything seemed to be well on the surface but beneath was a scheme of political dishonesty and self-indulgence.
Around this time, the affluent upper class was created due to the explosion of the population and economy. The stock market crash of 1893 which caused a severe depression across the land, caused this era to only last for a short few years, 1877-1893. With the Gold Rush, victory of Western enlargement, and the
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The 15th amendment hadn’t held up to its intended purpose as far as advancing voting rights to all, which caused the Women Rights movement to make a comeback.
It is easy to look at this time frame as a period of dishonesty, noticeable greed, and unrestricted entrepreneurship. However, this should be seen as the formative period of the United States when framers moved into a metropolitan culture that was dominated by industrial companies. The economy seen remarkable progress thanks to the trade and industry transformation. The US Economy was growing at an alarming rate in the late 19th century. Even with the Panics like 1893, the economy recuperated rapidly and still continued to flourish.
Rapid and economic depression brought back equilibrium into society during a known complex time. The Gilded Age commence a somewhat unhappy American social realism, that capital is supremacy and is meant to improve the owners and not the public.
The Progressive Age: The Progressive time frame is from 1890’s to 1920’s, also known as the Reconstruction Era. However, this movement wasn’t knew too many as there had been a first reform that occurred before the Civil War which had the similar goals but also included the abolishment of slavery. Like the Gilded Age, the Progressive Era is known for its of governmental and societal restructuring. The first generation of progressives stood firmly against Darwinism. They felt the problems of society like racism

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