The Gilded Age : American Intellectual History

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Summer Musser
Dr. Brown
American Intellectual History
March 30th, 2017 The Gilded Age’s cultural and intellectual elites were faced with a more innovative world as suggested in T.J. Jackson’s No Place of Grace, they are most often not harkened to the past as much as they would rather face the settings in the future. This book regards the effects of American antimodernism and from where it grounded its roots. Specifically, its dominant form as it withdraws from an overcivilized existence in modern society and precedes to pull other intense forms of a more physical and spiritual plain from medieval or oriental cultures. Determining that antimodernist movements were in it of themselves a complex blend of protest as well as an
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It shines a light on changes that stem from cultural hegemony that not only does it come from a few persuasive to the right area of an affluent individual but it can also come from the deliberate aspiration a half-conscience hopes which concludes little with class relations. Lears wanted to showcase how certain influential Americans have unintentionally changed their social results which in turn transforms their own class concept of cultural hegemony. The psychic crisis marked the parameters that afflicted the postbellum intellectuals. Disconcerting to the antimodernist would have been the cultural advancement of modernity, most likely brought on by the opportunities of urban industrialization. These ideas, delve much deeper than simply searching for comfort or the will to outrun time, however, both of these concepts are made up within the times they surrounded themselves with. The bourgeois morality of the 19th century was a morality that eluded to moral progress and materials. This can be seen as having a higher compulsiveness then we do today. Lears indicated that the dynamic of the bourgeois individualism had been uprooting the everyone’s external forum of moral authority. Whether it is the king over his subjects, master, and slave or something as a priest over his
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