The Gilded Age And The Gilded Age

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Both books look at the Gilded Age in different perspectives as to how it affected the USA. A People's History of the United States talks about how the people rebelled for their rights as working citizens, showing a in-depth view in how the American people lived during this time. A Patriot’s History of the United States takes a broad approach, just stating the facts and telling from a political view in what was happening in the government. Even though both books talk from different perspectives, these authors hit some touchy details that they share similar or different views on. In this case, A Patriot’s History of the United States does a better job at dealing with these topics because even though broad, the author shows the logic behind the decisions made. Even though these two novels have different perspectives of what was going on during the Gilded Age, they both talk about the effectiveness of the unions, the conditions in which the workers were in, and the struggles of the daily people trying to survive. One of the major things to come out of the 19th century were the formation of labor unions as it was a response to social and economic changes of the industrial revolution. One of the major unions the books talked about was the Knights of Labor, an organization made to find fairness in the workplace. However, they only supported white fairness, which made them unliked. Furthermore, they were not the only unions formed during this time. The Western

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