The Gilded Age By Mark Twain And Charles Warner

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The Gilded Age The Gilded Age was a great time in American history when industrialization was growing rapidly, and immigration to our country increased dramatically. Mark Twain and Charles Warner named this time of industrial prosperity the Gilded Age because the wealth of the fortunate masked the problems that the society faced. New inventions and corporations led to industrialization and immigration growing in our nation. Industrialization led to the creating of mass culture, which allowed people to have more leisure time. However, all of the great wealth that industrialization brought to the U.S. hid the fact that African Americans faced segregation, and nonwhites were discriminated against during this time in history. The Gilded Age lasted from 1865 to 1914, a short time in U.S. history, but it had a major impact in the advancement of our country! The Industrial Revolution began spreading to America in the early to mid 1800s and industries began to develop, which changed the path of our country forever. William Kelly and Henry Bessemer created the Bessemer steel process in the 1850s and it cut the price of steel dramatically. John D. Rockefeller became a captain of industry in the oil industry with his Standard Oil Trust corporation that became a monopoly. Rockefeller was considered a robber baron because he used dishonest methods to become rich. Andrew Carnegie was a captain of industry in the steel industry. Carnegie tried to make his company the best by making the

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