The Gilded Age Still Effect American Life Today

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The Gilded Age, also known as American urbanization, led to many employment opportunities, advances in transportation and sanitation, which improved overall standard of living. All advancements that took place in The Gilded Age still effect American life today. The rapid development of the cities in the 19th century served as both a separation and togetherness factor in American political, economic and social life. Cities in the area created a wealthy cross-section of the world’s population, making the cities a diverse, metropolitan area, drawing a lot of attention to the social classes of the people surrounding. At the same time, cities drove people from completely different backgrounds to live and work together, creating unity. The never-ending inundation of immigrants from different countries including, Britain, Germany, and Mexico, created a diverse population united by sharing their determination for financial wealth, social oppression and the American Dream. As the 19th century came to an end, how did the explosion of civilization contradictorily make Americans more similar and more diverse simultaneously? It is hard to imagine in the twenty first century the level of filth that was experienced in the 1830’s on a daily basis. Sanitation, public health and sewer systems were problems that gripped the nation throughout the ninetieth century (1830-1860s), encouraging popular debate and proposal of changes. The growth of population and increase in the industry…
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