The Gillette 's Vice Of The Disposable Crown Cork Bottle Cap

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King Camp Gillette was born in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin in 1855. At the early age of 16 he became a traveling salesman where he met William Painter, the inventor of the disposable Crown Cork bottle cap. This friendship ignited Gillette’s passion for invention and entrepreneurship. In 1895 he had an idea of a disposable razor blade. The problem was how to make the blades thin enough and at a price low enough to be profitable. Then in 1901 Gillette met an MIT graduate by the name of William Nickerson and the idea and dream became a reality. The Gillette Safety Razor Company began making safety razors and blades. The company offered a new product, safety razors and blades, a product of convenience at a reasonable price. Gillette had a few lean years to establish a customer base. To attract new customers Gillette tried advertising by putting his face stamped on the thin razor blades, and then gave away the razor as a free gift. The razor was useless without the blades. The marketing gimmick of “FREE” worked! Gillette gave free razors that then created a demand for the blades. Gillette sold razors in bulk at discounted prices to banks so they could use them as give away when you opened an account, the” Shave and Save” campaigns were huge success. Gillette took it even further when he then sold to the Wrigley’s gum company; packets of coffee, tea, spices, and marshmallows. Gillette sold millions of razors at steep discount to the Army hoping the habits soldiers developed at war

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