The Girl Effect : Nicholas D. Kristof And His Wife Sheryl Essay

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Tragedies occur every day around the world. Just as it seems, hearing of the tragedies may be overwhelming to listen to because there are so many occurrences to keep track of. In the essay “The Girl Effect,” Nicholas D. Kristof and his wife Sheryl WuDunn are journalists who relocated to China from the U.S. to pursue their careers. They come to find out about how neglected we’ve been to certain quotidian cruelties that take place in foreign counties specifically relating to the unfair treatment of women and girls. In this essay “On Habit,” Alain de Botton may refer to this blindness as a “home mindset” where we pay very little detail of what surrounds of because we’ve become habituated to the everyday occurrences. Kristof and WuDunn write their essay in order to expose those quotidian cruelties certain cultures have become habituated in their home mindsets. De Botton might have suggested inheriting a “travelling mindset” for those people who lived in the cultures where the tragic cruelties and are stuck in their home mindsets. A travelling mindset includes integrating receptivity which is the main difference between a home mindset and a travelling mindset. We are blind to the many tragedies that occur in foreign countries and our own because we have become habituated to our social norms that we find no reason to publish what we see as “the obvious”. Journalists can help expose those quotidian cruelties that occur every day by adopting travelling mindsets to reveal certain

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