The Girl Of A Girl

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It starts off with a girl. A socially awkward girl with braces frizzy hair and oily skin. While being socially awkward she still had friends although I 'll be at that they were from the non-popular variety. All she wanted was to be like the other girls or the girls that she sees in the magazines she wanted sleepovers she wanted the cute boyfriends and she wanted that picture perfect teen bop face. The girl grew up the braces came off the skin cleared but yet she was still insecure. The girl made a boy he thought her awkwardness was cute she loved him. With him being the only positive male figure in her life she held a ridiculously high standard for him and he tried to uphold it because he loves her so much and they got married awkwardly.…show more content…
She walked into her house and saw him sitting on the couch waiting for her. All she could do was look she had no words. “Look Kelly I 'm sorry but I assure you nothing happened I never cheated on you I love you too much for that all it was a kiss if I could take it back I would”. Kelly said “well what else would you say she told me that you guys had an affair what else should I believe.” Josh said “believe me believe your husband believe that when I tell you that she 's lying and then I 'm genuinely sorry”. I wish I never met you and she walked away. Months went by and night after night Kelly locked herself in the bathroom and cried. There was nothing Josh could do consoling her only made it worse. Even more months with by and as time went by the arguing became more intense. Josh stormed out of the house and said “I told you nothing happened and if you can 't forgive me then I 'll just leave you want me out of your life anyway right”. “Leave just leave just get out of my life go away and never come back. I regret the day I ever even met you”! Then out of nowhere when, wham a truck hit Josh had on he collapsed onto sidewalk! “Oh my God Kelly”! She ran to him and said “I 'm sorry Josh I 'm sorry I didn 't mean it please just forgive me please come back I didn 't mean any of it”! The driver quickly got out of his truck and dial 911. He held his finger to her lips and said nothing happened between me and Mary. Who I don 't know that person that person doesn 't exist the
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