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Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after the other. This is a nice quote by Walter Elliot. Walter’s quote comes true within this story called The Girl who was Born with only Two Arms and Two legs by Stuart Baum. It's really important to have perseverance in life. The protagonist is persevered to be included with the other things people do. Quarta that was born with only two arms and two legs, Yes that is normal for us. For whatever animal or insect she is, normally they all have four arms and four legs. As you can guess, people do make fun of her. Since she can’t catch her own food or play the game everyone plays, she doesn't have much friends. In the end she see’s humans playing a game, she decides to try it too.…show more content…
One of the first ways, is when she gets made fun of because she only has half the amount of legs and arms everyone else has. She doesn't let any of this get under her skin, Quarta didn't just quit school because of her differences, she still went. For lunch they have to catch her own food, but since Quarta can’t the teachers have to feed it to her. Kids call her a baby since she can't catch her food by herself. There is this game that the most of the kids play called “Balls and Sticks,” Whenever Quarta and her non sporty friends are asked to play is when one team doesn't have enough players. This rarely happens, but when it does they are asked to stand off to the side and just stay out of the way. I bet most people would just become home schooled or something if they got made fun of for their differences.It must be hard to be in Quarta’s shoes. It takes perseverance to still go to school and stand up for…show more content…
Quarta now brings volleyball to her school, but calls it “One Ball.” One ball becomes a game where everyone can play , not just sporty kids. When other antagonist get persevered to play they all work hard together. When someone does bad or misses the ball, the other kids don't laugh at them, they laugh with them. All the kids are having fun when they play together. Jenna, the bully, thought Quarta made this game for only her and her friends. Jenna wanted to be included. Quarta let her play the game, and they were all becoming closer friends. Now Quarta had made some new friends, the bully won't be as mean to her, and will have a game to play. The ending shows a great example of perseverance paying off. By perseverance the snail will reach the mountain tops.This quote by me, is just like Quarta. Now. The Girl that was Born with only Two arms and Two Legs show a great theme of characters that have
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