The Girl Who Owned A City Essay

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A World Without Adults
The Girl Who Owned a City is a book about young kids trying to survive in a world without adults because everybody over 12 died from the plague. The main character Lisa and many other older siblings had to take the position of the parent for the care of their little brother or sister. Lisa had to learn how to survive and take care of her younger sibling without an adult by her side guiding her on what to do. O.T Nelson made the characters 12 years and under to show that you don’t have to have an adult around to help you in life and survive.
In the book, Lisa and her militia need to find supplies in order to have enough food to live off of. Throughout the book, Lisa uses a lot of logic to find food, supplies, and defense. Usually parents are the ones who go grocery shopping and get all of the healthy food to force down their children's mouth. Now, It is Lisa’s job to get healthy food into her
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Lisa had the idea to try to learn how to drive a car and on page 31, Lisa was trying to learn and in the book it said, “The nervousness began to leave her. She started the engine again and set off very slowly this time, completely unaware of the many astonished eyes that followed her.” This shows that children are capable of learning how to do something by theirself and they don’t need an adult around to help or guide them.
In The Girl Who Owned the City, kids also have to learn how to work together and come up with plans for survival. Throughout the story, all the kids on Grandville Avenue would come together and all talk about what they should do to help themselves. For example, on page 54, all of the kids were having a meeting when Lisa thought of the idea that they should form their own militia. This shows that kids are capable of working together and figuring out ideas without having an adult around to guide
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