The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Essay On Women

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Over the last several years, most crime dramas offer female representation as lead investigators. Women law enforcers are a familiar trope in the contemporary television landscape, but despite a closing gender gap, these crime dramas remain heavily masculine. There is an uneasiness that underlies on-screen female detectives. They are tough, but sometimes uncomfortably vulnerable and easily victimized. They are not girly, but they are often effortlessly beautiful. This teetering balance between the masculine and the feminine stems from cultural assumptions: our expectations for characters that work in law enforcement contradict our expectations for characters who are women. Unlike their male counterparts, the women who work in law enforcement must reconcile their femininity with the skills necessary for police work — such as physical strength and emotional indifference, traits that are traditionally associated…show more content…
Lisbeth Salander, a fiction character is a lead investigator who has a great knowledge and legendary hacking skills that help her execute her duties. She works together with Mikael Blomkvist in efforts to solve the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Harriet Vanger. Mikael Blomkvist hires Salander after realizing that she was the one who hacked his computer.
Lisbeth Salander can be described as a frail, pale woman with pixie cut hair and a large tattoo on her back. Lisbeth also has many piercings and a boyish. Lisbeth is complex, showing different signs of exceptional mental capability and emotional stability. Being close to not having the capability of emphasizing with her colleagues, she is anti-social and often feels no guilt of demonstrating violent acts towards others, especially if her survival is at stake. However, Salander has sympathy and trust especially towards people who trust her such as her fellow
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