The Giver: A Short Story

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We were sitting at our dinner table, going through the usual nightly routine. We say how we felt throughout the day. we can only express our feelings in one word, its one of the rules. I usually fight with my sister for who gets to go first, but today I just tell her to go. "Thank you, Jonas." I hear her say. I am just too worried to fight. Because all I've been thinking about is the ceremony of twelve. The ceremony of twelve happens in December. when all the Elevens turn Twelves. After that age doesn't matter. In this ceremony a qualified person chooses what suits you best when you grow up. They'll watch you when you are at service and at school. I just have muddled feelings about this ceremony. This ceremony is the most important that is what…show more content…
I wish I could give them painful memories. If they knew they would stop playing. It was an agony watching the Giver suffer like that. it was a rough night for Gabriel. He started to cry around 2:00 am. While I tried to calm him down, I thought of the memory the giver had given me. The one with the ocean and the boat. Suddenly I feel the memory fade away, I quickly pull my hand off. Gabriel starts to calm down. I gave the memory to him. Should I tell the giver? What if I get realized? I decided not to. I tried to go back t sleep, as I drifted off I wondered, where do people go when they are released? "Giver, why does everyone seem so happy to get released? Where do they go?" He doesn't answer. So I start to explain about Gabriel, how we are taking care of him until he is ready to pass the maturity test, if not he will get released. I also told him that my Father released twins this morning. "Would you like to watch it?" The Giver said. His voice sounds sad like there is something bothering him. "Can we, isn't it against the rules?" He laughs a little, "You can do whatever you want. The Receiver of Memories doesn't need to follow the
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