The Giver Argumentative Essay

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Most often in people we find a mindset that people will turn out how they were taught as a child meaning how and where they were raised. In the beginning of your life you will act how you were taught to act but there comes a point when you choose.You'll choose if you want to acft how you were raised or the opposite. Your nature is not dependent on how you were raised but dependent on who you choose to be. It is what is in your heart that reflects the choices you make. I wake up to screaming. I start to panic. Trying not to trip over the filth on the floor, i run to the living room. When i step my foot into the tiny enclosure, i find my father drunk(who hasn't been seen since this morning)screaming at his girlfriend for cheating. I grab my little sister and take her to her room to shield her from the Violence. After being raised that this was common, normal, and acceptable, i still had a choice. Will i be like my parents or will i…show more content…
He made a choice to stop taking his pills by doing this he chose to rebel against their rules. He started to see things he wasn't supposed to and he still continued down this path. The odds were against him but he still chose to be different. His nature was not dependent on the people that influenced him and raised him but on the choices he made. In Animal Farm , an allegorical and dystopian novel, all the animals wanted to overthrow the humans because how cruel they were to them. In the beginning of the novel they all worked together but the pigs were the leaders. Throughout the novel the pigs started turning in to dictators. They wanted more and more power they eventually sought the power that humans had over animals. The pigs were evil and greedy not because they were raised like that but because they chose to be. Their nature was dependent on their choices not how they were
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