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In 2003, on June 25th I was born within the city of Milwaukee. Now I’m 13 years old. I’ve lived a peachy life. Struggles never really fill my head. Worries aren’t a big part of my life. I mean, of course, everybody at one time or another has stressed about that one math test. Now, I’m not saying everything goes my way either. Life cannot be fantastic ALL the time because that’s just unrealistic. I’d like to share a little about my life, the people in it, and what has shaped me into the person I am today. September 4th, 2007 I was four years old and now starting school at the wonderful establishment of A.E. Burdick school. Little did I know that I would spend my next 10 grade years at the school. This is pretty much how most of my best…show more content…
I just love being able to pick up a book, and kind of become intertwined in a story. One of my favorites is “The Giver.” Two other all-time favorites are “To Kill A Mockingbird” and “Fahrenheit 451” What happens in the world socially has also always interested me. From, what Donald Trump is campaigning, to why people pay taxes. I just become so engrossed in the news around the world. History also interests me. I love learning information about the past. Sure history can rhyme, but it can never repeat, therefore knowing about what made the world what it is today, is something I love learning about. (I love learning in general, too.) Something else I love is sports. Volleyball happens to be my favorite sport to play. It can be so fast paced and exciting! Soccer is my next favorite sport to play. I’m not the best, but I’m constantly learning how to become better. My favorite sports to watch are football and college…show more content…
I’ve made mistakes. Not everyone is perfect, and that’s okay. What people do with their imperfectness, though, is what defines them as a person. If you can learn from your mistakes and move on from it, I'd say that would be the next best thing to perfect. I am who I am, and nothing can change that, but everyone and everything that shaped me into the person I am today made me realize all of this. The people who have been there for me have helped me set these goals and will be the ones to be there watching me after I have reached them. Those people have helped to characterize me. They have been the ones to help me make new friends and pursue my interests and
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