The Giver By Lois Lowry

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The Giver
As we walk through life, we take for granted the gifts that make it such a blessing: its beauty and complexities, the small things that we do not even think of on a moment to moment basis; the flowers, the different colors of green in the trees, the yellow and black of the bumble bee. We take for granted the people that we share our lives with, missing out on the beauty of their mere presence at that moment. Within mainstream society we tend to get in such a hurry or so caught up in the day’s activities that we miss out on the unseen beauty in life, fail to feel deep emotions and the joy of sacrificing for the love and happiness of another; missing out on the opportunities to make life more beautiful and worth living. Lois Lowry’s The Giver both the novel and the film are a great illustration of what appears to be a utopian life but in reality it is a dystopia, which Jonas and the Giver set free by opening the minds of society to the true beauty of life, deep emotions, and self-sacrifice.
The utopian society?
Ms. Lowry brings to life a society of the future, a seeming utopia. Life is peaceful in the communities, the people are happy and content with the status quo. The communities operating as a well-oiled machine. The Elders from past generations in the communities, organized society in such a way as to eliminate any possible up-rising of the people living within the communities: through total control of industry and production there is no war, no

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