The Giver By Lois Lowry

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In today’s society, one can see a divide among people, a world with disorder, and a world dominated by crime. Lois Lowry illustrates in her novel, The Giver, a world unlike any other, a world with no fear and disorder. A perfect society, or so it looks. As the readers go on they come to realize that an ideal society is nothing like it sounds. The readers take for granted our rights to chose what we want to do with our lives; if the audience lived like the people in the novel, our society would have no individual rights. This is a community, created by Lois Lowry, where no one has memories, feelings, or ambitions. In a perfect community, there are secrets behind every person. On the outside, a society with no problems seems perfect,…show more content…
As far as these people know they are being told the truth, but secrets are what truly make this community so perfect. Everyday the same things happens, but the citizens think it is normal for everything to stay the same. As proven in a dystopian article, “The communities weather is unvarying. Regulated by “climate control”, it is an unfluctuating state of “sameness ‘ so that amongst the first memories passed on to Jonas by the giver, are the memories of snow and sunshine” (“Themes”). The sameness of the community can be changed, the Committee of Elders, and The Giver know that, but they chose to let these everyday people live a naturally boring life with no clue how successful some members of the community actually could be. A society is constantly evolving, but this society can not, stuck in the same routine without any change all due to the fact that no one has any memory of any other place. Without knowledge of our plants history we cannot learn from our mistakes we made in the past. Jonas, the main character of the novel, The Giver, learns about our world’s dark past and how the leaders of his community hide it; “When Jonas inherits memories from what readers will recognize as their present (or very recent

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