The Giver, By Lois Lowry

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Literary Analysis
Jonas remarks that loving another person must have been a dangerous way to live. Describe the relationship between Jonas and his family, his friends Asher and Fiona, and the Giver. Are any of these relationships dangerous? Perhaps the most dangerous is that between Jonas and the Giver—the one relationship built on love. Why is that relationship dangerous and what does the danger suggest about the nature of love?

INTRODUCTION: (Questions restated, bullet points summarized) In The Giver, by Lois Lowry, Jonas likes Fiona but she’s unable to love him. No people in the community possess able to love because of one pill, The Stirrings, the pills that isolate everyone’s emotions dying to come out. This doesn’t necessarily make the relationship dangerous, but rather complicated. Simply because Jonas doesn’t understand that nobody feel any sense of emotion while taking The Stirrings, but rather why his Friends and Family don’t approach sensitive things the same way without any emotion. The relationship with The Giver and Jonas is dangerous because their relationship is the only one in the community built on love and The Giver is the one who taught Jonas how to love. Their relationship is similar to a Father-Son relationship much like how The Giver loved rosemary. On top of that, it is very possible that they are related because they both possess pale eyes unlike everyone else in the community. The Giver shares memories of love with Jonas to teach and demonstrate

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