The Giver Change Essay

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What had Jonas change through the novel called The Giver?Throughout The Giver Jonas made made multiple dessions that lead to his change, for example, Jonas forgot to take the medicine and he felt love for fiona and he cared for others.Then Jonas stoped taking the medicine to see if the apple would change again, because of his choice Jonas' life changed.Jonas' life changes as a result of conflict with his dystopian society and had made him understand more about the society and why they were keeping the memories from the society. Jonas never lied nor got in trouble by his parents, Jonas' society never lied to nor harmed eachother they all cared for one another. Jonas started out not taking his medicine that lead him to see color, then had a dream and kept it to himself. Jonas' friend Fiona was a really nice and pretty girl and it made Jonas fall in love, but in his society ur not suposed to fall in love, he wasn't like the other people in his society.He the same as everyone else at the begining of the novel but because of his choices it affected the way he felt, he started to feel depressed because of the things he had found out about the comunity. Jonas' dream that lead to his life changing was the one he didnt tell at the dream telling, this lead him to start feeling…show more content…
Jonas changed through the novel called The Giver told us that you can never be a utopian world it will always be a dystopian .In the begining of the novel jonas was fine until he had found out more about the world and the comunity, the comunity was a bunch of mind less sheep,the comunity tried to keep the comunity for going into chaos by keeping them from having the memories of love,depression,happyness,and color.Jonas was making desisions that had changed his life that had made him worry, Jonas was trying to figure out what was wrong with the society.Jonas has had lots of life changing desisions because he had forgot to take his medicine turned into making lots of life changing
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