The Giver Chapter 11-13 Analysis

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Chapter 11 Jonas chills out on the bed and waits for the memory of snow. All of a sudden, he's very cold. He can no longer feel the old man's hands on his back. He feels something like pinpricks on his skin, and sticks out his tongue to catch the falling white things. Part of him, he feels, is still lying on the bed in the Annex. But the other part is somewhere else, sitting on a hard surface with a rope in his hands. All of a sudden, he knows that he is surrounded by snow and that he's sitting on a sled. He then races downhill, fast at first, until the snow piles up and the runners come to a standstill. Then he opens his eyes and is back in the room with the old man. The old man says that was tiring for him, but that he feels lightened because
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