The Giver Dystopia Essay

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To me a utopia cannot be achieved, a utopia would be “perfect world” where everyone is satisfied. A dystopia can be very far from perfect, as it is in The Giver. The world in The Giver by Lois Lowry is a dystopia because no world anywhere can ever be perfect, the people who live there will never be truly happy and because without choice life can be very boring, as it is in The Giver.

The world in The Giver is not perfect because nothing can really be perfect. It is almost impossible to think of a perfect world, and if you do there will always be a flaw in one way or another to someone. The world can never truly satisfy the needs of everyone. As Hannah Montana once said, “Nobody’s perfect”, I guess she was talking about
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Also they will never experience the weather and nature and so many other things that we have in our world that make us so happy and so in love. Without these things this will most likely make the people who live in the community very depressed and sad. This is shown here when Jonas experiences true happiness, love and family, “ ‘What did you perceive?’ The Giver asked. ‘Warmth,’ Jonás replied, ‘and happiness. And-let me think. Family. That it was a celebration of some sort, a holiday. And something else — I can’t quite get the word for it’... ‘They were called Grandparents’ ”(Lowry 123). In this moment Jonas experiences warmth, family and love. He sees the new true meaning of happiness because he is able to compare it to the pain and loss he went through before. Mostly all of the people who live in The Giver community cannot experience happiness like this. They can not compare the happiness and warmth they (don’t) experience to the pain and loss that they (don’t) experience.

The community in The Giver is also not a utopia because without choice you can not have goals and therefore have nothing to strive for, and life can become very boring. In The Giver the people that live in the community have no choices. They cannot choose their own jobs and they cannot see color which limits their choices. Without such choices the
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