The Giver Memory Theme

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Outline Imagine being chosen a job for a lifetime, but this job had a lot of pain, and loneliness. Well that what it was like for Jonas. Which makes Jonas being selected to be the receiver of memory is more like a punishment than an honor. Jonas has to deal with the pain that comes from the memories. He is missing out on things others can do. Jonas knows things and he can't tell anyone about them.

Jonas has to deal with the pain that comes from the memories. According to the novelThe Giver”on page 104 it says, “Limping, Jonas walked home, pushing his bicycle , the evening. The sunburn pain had been so small, in comparison, and had not stayed with him. But this ache lingered.”This demonstrates that after the memory of the ice scraping his leg ended, the pain stayed in his leg even though the memory is over becuase he still has the
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For instanced in the novel on page 145 it says , “The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” Not to menion Jonas having the most “honored” assignment in the committee, he has to do it all alone with no help becuase no one else has to memories like him does, and no one else is old enough to become another reciever. Additionally, in the novel it also say, “So if I have a spouse, and maybe children , I will have to hide the books from them?” pg. 97Moreover, when he gets a spouse and able to get childern he will not able to tell them about the books in the annex becuase of the rules, plsu he wont be able to share his feelings at the dinner table.However, ome people might say this, “Very frightening. I can’t even imagine it. We really have to protect people from wrong choices.” pg. 93 Overall his job was to hold memories to protect the people from choosing wrong, but it stops him from living like the others do. He has to hide things, and lie when he knows the truth becuase they cant handle the
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