The Giver Movie And Movie

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You might think that there are many problems in our society. Hate, war and pain are just a couple of these things. Have you ever thought about a society where none of this existed? But everything comes with a price. In the book The Giver by Lois Lowry, the protagonist, Jonas, finds out he is special. Jonas has the power to see beyond. In the society that Lois Lowry illustrates, all pain is lost, but readers learn that without pain there is no love. The protagonist soon realizes that the society is wrong and rigid with control and harsh punishments. Soon he realizes that both pain and love are vital. He also learns that freedom to make your own choices is crucial. Jonas finds a way to give this to the community with a heartbreaking ending. The book and the movie,The Giver, have many similarities and differences. The author and director of these entertainments each have their own reasons for the change that is created. The main similarities and differences are made in respect to character’s relationships, setting, and theme. In both the movie and book, the character’s relationships are shaped in different ways, while the movie is edging away from the plot. Jonas has many relationships with the people around him such as his parents, his sister, his two best friends, and obviously The Giver. In the book and the movie, they really pinpoint the details about Jonas in contrast with, Fiona and Asher, his best friends. These are changed from the book to the movie because
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