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The Giver

Just imagine living in a emotionless world where everything you do and say is monitored, and you have no understanding of what was there before you. Once Jonas gets the power to experience these things he comes to an understanding of himself by being more independent, and having the freedom of choice. Jonas realizes after he escapes his community that he would much rather choose his own destiny than have the comfort and safety from his community that doesn’t even allow you to have memories or feel emotions.

When we are introduced to Jonas, he seems like any regular 11-year-old boy. After awhile, we notice that Jonas shows signs of being more intelligent and curious than many of
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There can be no pain without pleasure and no pleasure without pain. No matter how enjoyable an experience is, you cannot appreciate the pleasure it gives you unless you have some memory of a time when you have suffered a loss or pain in a situation.

The first memory the Giver transmits to Jonas, about snow and a sled, makes him think and question things such as, “why don’t we have snow, and sleds, and hills?” During the experience of snow, while riding down a hill on a sled, he sees the sled change just like it happened at the Twelve Ceremony. There, he saw the audience faces alter into something he could not explain. When Jonas asked the Giver about said change, the Giver explained that what he saw was the color red. In his community everything was “Sameness”. No one could see colors which made Jonas realize he was different.

Since Jonas was a little kid he experienced the same occurrence while throwing an apple up in the air.He did not know what it was back then, but through the memories he starts to receive from the Giver, he becomes aware of himself and notices he sees beyond anyone else in his community. Jonas begins to understand himself more and more through these memories. The experience of sharing memories between Jonas and the Giver informs Jonas about the world. The Giver explains to Jonas that as he starts to receive the memories he will have the capacity to
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