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The Giver: Book Report The story starts as Jonas, a twelve- year-old boy, who is waiting for his life assignment. When he is given his assignment, he is chosen to be the Receiver of Memory. As the Receiver he has to get every memory from all over the world from the old Receiver he calls The Giver.      The Giver: The Giver is the man who is the old Receiver. He is also the one who gives Jonas the memories. In the community were Jonas lives is everything is controlled, even people's memory. The Giver is the only one who is not controlled. It is the Receiver's job to store the memories of the community and pass them on to the next Receiver.      Gabe: Gabe is an…show more content…
Resolution: Finally Jonas and Gabe make it elsewhere, and they were safe. Setting #1: “Now the landscape was changing. It was a subtle change, hard to identify at first. The road was narrower, and bumpy, apparently no longer tended to by road crews. It was harder suddenly, to balance on a bike, as the front wheel wobbled over stones and ruts.” #2: “Standing in the freezing mound that was thickening around his numb feet, Jonas opened his own tunic, held Gabe to his bare chest, and tied the torn and dirty blanket around them both. Gabe moved feebly against and whimpered briefly into the silence that surrounded them.      Dimly, from a nearly forgotten perception as the blurred as the substance itself. Jonas recalled what the witness was,      “It's called snow, Gabe, Jonas whispered.” Theme/Readers Response      Theme:           1. A perfect thing to one is not perfect to another.           2. Sometimes freedom is better than over protectivness.      Readers Response: A part of the book I didn't like was that people didn't have to make any choices. I also didn't like how people didn't have any emotions. I don't think they should have a perfect community.      The part of the book I did

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