The Giver Personal Narrative

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“I forgot to mention, Jonas, I brought home a special gift for you!”

Teetering down the narrow stairwell in great hopes and anticipation, my brother’s emphasis of the word “gift” always riled me up. To my chagrin, it was always his leftovers from his school lunch. I willingly took each “present” of his due to the exciting feeling that enervated within me. This feeling of gratefulness constrained and gave little leeway to my own decisions. As I grew older, I had to make more choices independently. I was not able to decide on what I would eat at places where I was unfamiliar with food, such as restaurants. I always went with safe options like chicken tenders and french fries. Although I had created this monotonous bubble for myself, I was mostly satisfied with my decisions.
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Funnily, some of these decisions were decided by a coin-flip, which gave me more reassurance than my own sound mind did. I was always later than I would have liked to school after being unable to pick between a striped shirt and a plaid shirt. I was always the last one in the room in a test, unable to decide among two answers. I was one of the last people in my 8th grade class to hand in my high school decision letter, despite having only two choices. This problem had boiled due to its roots–an encounter with food. My palate is rather lacking compared to my family’s, developing this way due to my indecision. Still, everyone in my family has acquired tastes for one food–ramen. I always order my go-to bowl of pork shoyu ramen. Last August, my family decided to try out YUJI Ramen in Williamsburg. Although I barely tagged along with my family when they had foodie adventures, I thought to myself, “What could be so bad about ramen?”

Well, at first,
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