The Giver Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Becky Wright

Author, Lois Lowry, in her novel The Giver she describes a community that has convert to “sameness” and that has also eliminated pain. Lowry’s purpose was to indicate the value of the relationship between pain and pleasure; also how important memories are. She creates a rebellious tone in order to recommend to her readers of the idea of, “If you feel something is terribly wrong, go beyond to fix it.”
Lowry moves to her novel by acknowledging the fact that the Elders (the government) has taken total control over the community; no one makes there own decisions. She creates a heartbreaking tone, and appeals to Jonas’ furious emotion when Jonas establish, “If everything’s the same, then there
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Lowry referenced the color red. The author introduce the quote, “He felt himself overwhelmed with a new perception of the color he knew as red.” Red can define various emotions, for example: love, passion, anger, furious, horrified, and ect. She uses red out of all the other colors since it is doubtless the most intense color. Jonas’, “new perception of the color he knew as red” basically clarifies he has a new outlook of the color red, which meaning emotions.
The color red symbolics all of the colors and how each can have numerous emotions coming from it. This justifies the reason in why the Elder had removed all the colors. Lowry would also similes the memory of the sled that The Giver gave Jonas. The author compares the memory of sliding downhill to receiving memories. She incorporated the quote, "It's like going downhill through deep snow on a sled," he said, finally. "At first it's exhilarating: the speed; the sharp, clear air; but then the snow accumulates, builds up on the runners, and you slow, you have to push hard to keep going and –" Lowry constructs that in the process of memories, they can be pleasurable at
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