The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein

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The Giving Tree Every author has their own unique niche that grabs the reader’s attention and pulls them in. They paint a picture with their words and imagination that allows the reader to go on a journey they never have experienced before. Each author is this way, but within his or her own uniqueness they become significantly different. The uniqueness can rage from early 1800s British authors to twenty-first century authors and they can range author to author. For example, Shel Silverstein is not only a unique author but quirky and fun, he paints wild pictures through the words of his story and takes his readers on an adventure of a lifetime. By reading and analyzing the work of an author you can connect with not only the work but the author themselves, you gain a better understanding and through this understanding you can connect the piece to your own life. Shel Silverstein once said, “If you’re a dreamer come on in” (Shel Silverstein Quotes)a quote that explains him quite well. Silverstein was a man of imagination who created his work with his own style and added a touch of quirkiness to each piece he wrote. He never wrote a plain piece or a piece that didn’t have some kind of twist within it, his work never bored. Silverstein not only wrote children’s stories but explored other areas of creativity such as music. Although Silverstein covered a broad area of creativity; songwriting, poems, author, and cartoonist he is most know for his children’s stories. One

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