The Gladiator The Movie Directed Ridley Scoot Bases A Story During The Ancient Roman Empire

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The Gladiator the movie directed Ridley Scoot bases a story during the ancient Roman Empire when the great philosopher and emperor of Rome was Marcus Aurelis. Who is portrayed in the begging of movie as very ill and on his last days, but still on the toe of his battles regarding his health. In the other hand his son and predecessor Commodus is not by his side to witness the battles instead his on safe grounds away from danger. Maximus His favored Commander of his army is out in the field risking his life for Rome. Whom under his command they win the war. Shortly after the victory Aurelis offers his crown to Maximus knowing his on his last breaths as he always seen him as the son he never had. Maximus respectfully denies the offer, as his only wish is to be at his humble home with his family whom he hasn’t seen for almost three years. Aurelis gives him the afternoon to think about his tempting offer. Commodus is told the news from his father that he wont be the predecessor that Maximus is whom he has chosen because he lacks the virtues to rule Rome. He gets very disturbed and in cold blood kills his own father to retain the power for himself. Maximus knows the king had been murdered and the reason why. It’s when the hero’s journey of Maximus begins transforming him to a new being as he has to get justice for his family. Commodus orders for the execution of Maximus, but he escapes. He does manage to kill Maximus wife and son. That’s when his call to adventure begins. its
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