The Gladiator VS. History Essay

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I'm sure that many people have seen the movie the, "Gladiator" and thought that most if not all of it was true. Sadly this movie paints a picture that falls short of fact and leans more towards fiction. Winning 5 academy awards it is a hit with the audience but with historians a bust. This is mainly due to the inconsistencies revolving around character portrayals, events, and even characters that don't exist. I'm sure that this is because the truth wouldn't fair as well as the movie did. Moreover the," Gladiator" which is a winner of many academy awards does not win much in the depiction of characters and events. Gladiator begins in 180 A.D in the winter time on a battlefield in Germania. The first error is around the character Caesar…show more content…
Another mistake within this movie was showing Marcus Aurelis as only having 2 children, Lucilla and Commodus, but Marcus Aurelius actually had 13 children (Gill N.S.). Leaving off with the opening of this movie the biggest historical mistake overall revolves around the leading character and hero of this movie, Maximus. This is because he is entirely made up, he did not exist. So every event or action that involves him is false. Lucilla and he never had relations when they were younger, he didn't kill anyone, and he was not supposed to be the protector of Rome like they showed Marcus Aurelis wanting. Although Maximus may be a compilation of people who were real. For instance the man who did command the battle in the opening scene which most likely occured in 179 was Taruttiens Paternus. Also how he longed to be home and his family are from Claudius Pompeianus who was a military officer whose career resembled Maximus's (Ward). A short while after the opening scene we are transported to North African Zucchabar where yet more inaccuracies occur. The first being the misconception from the movie that Gladiator games had been banned by Maximus Aurelis. This is stated by the character Proximo who purchased Maximus to be one of his gladiators. He described how he was forced to make a living due to the games being banned. Also the Coliseum is supposed to have been reopened by Commodus to host games to honor his father. Commodus does this

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