The Glasgow Science Centre Tower Project Case Study Essay

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The Glasgow Science Centre project was conceived as a way of promoting Glasgow as a major high-tech center, as well as a means of revitalizing the River Clyde dock area of Glasgow, Scotland, UK. The Science Centre consists of three main exhibits: the IMAX Theatre, the Science Mall, and the Glasgow Tower. The stunning design of the Glasgow Science Centre Tower was envisioned as a one of a kind structure capable of revolving 360° from the ground up and was expected to become a famous landmark. The unique design of the Glasgow Tower was envisioned to feature a viewing cabin on top of a reed slim tower 330 feet above the River Clyde. The distinctive design presented an array of engineering, technical, and safety challenges to
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As a result the schedule was described as “loose”, and when the funding was finally allocated there was nothing published regarding the completion date and the public opening dates in these early stages of the project.
Although the project team made an attempt to manage risk by performing risk analysis from early out, there was no attempt of managing the risk from a strategic perspective. For example, normally towers are built up to 6 or 7 times the width of the base, but this tower was designed to be 10 times taller. This created a major technical challenge.
The Development Phase
Rating Scale: 5—Excellent, 4—Very Good, 3—Good, 2—Poor, 1—Very Poor
Project Management Area Development phase
Scope Management 2
Time Management 2
Cost Management 1
Quality Management 4
Human Resource Management 4
Communication Management 2
Risk Management 4
Procurement Management 3
Integration Management 3

Project Management Area Strengths
Due to the design complexity of the Glasgow tower, construction could not start until a variety of wind tunnel test were completed. Mean hourly wind speeds along the river basin were used to measure the aerodynamic effects of the tower. Computational fluid dynamics programming was used to test the final design of the tower components. The project management team also did a good job in selecting the contractors from a pool over 70 international companies; the
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