The Glass Castle Analysis

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The Glass Castle was a symbol of hope for all of the children, they counted on it for their future; when it was forgotten about by their dad, the hope of a better future faded away along with the hope they had in their father. This book was titled The Glass Castle for at least one main reason. This novel describes Jeannette’s childhood and one of the biggest things that she heard about during that time was from her dad when he said that he was going to build a glass castle for their family. “When Dad wasn’t telling us about all the amazing things he had already done, he was telling us about the wondrous things he was going to do. Like build the Glass Castle,” (Walls 25). The title shows you what she relied on as a child. It shows you where she found her hope and faith to make it through the tough times. She saw the glass castle as a way to live in one place and stop moving around. She liked the idea of living in a castle instead of little, dumpy homes that are falling apart. “All of Dad’s engineering skills and mathematical genius were coming together in one special project: a great big house he was going to build for us in the desert,” (Walls 25). He had promised them this, and she expected him to follow through. The idea of the glass castle is a big theme and symbol throughout the book, which is why it is also the title of the book. Throughout the book, the idea of a glass castle isn’t always brought up and recognized, but it’s a main point made over and over. It is a

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