The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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The Glass Castle, by Jeannette Walls, describes the unfortunate struggles of Jeanette and her family throughout her childhood. Often times, the hardships in one 's life can shape their future and how they develop as a person. Jeanette went through so many hardships that seem unbelievable to me. Her struggles and life experiences are much more extreme than mine will ever be. Her hardships have helped shape her personality and her career. She has made the best out of her childhood, and everyone should take a tip from Jeanette, including myself. I have not had many giant hardships in my life to this date. Jeanette is a role model to people everywhere. She showed that it doesn’t matter where or how you grow up, the only thing that matters is…show more content…
My sister and I had to switch houses every week, and I still do that today. Obviously, my sister doesn’t do this, because she is at college. When she comes back, she still goes to see both parents. The divorce has changed both of our lives, in a positive way and a negative way. It has expanded my family. I have met so many more people because of my split family, and I have gone on a few more trips as well. Word count: 303 My dad remarried, and mom mom is getting married in June. I have three step brothers that I grew up with on my dad 's side. My sister and I still talk to our step brothers like they are our blood brothers. They are family, and all the people I have met from my step parents are family as well. The divorce opened me up to the real world. I know everything is not going to pan out just as I plan it, but I think all that matters is what you make of your situation. I celebrate two Christmases. If I had to choose, I would like my parents to still be married. I don’t think anyone wants their parents to get a divorce. I have heard stories about kids who hated their step parents, but I think of both of my step parents as family. They have always treated me as their child, so I have never had any reason to think otherwise. Several of my friends have parents that have been divorced. One of my friends, called me one night about his parents fighting. He knew that I had gone through it before, and he wanted my advice. I gave him my best

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