The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Usually in society parents are to be blamed for failing to raise their children in the right way. It is very easy for the society to criticize parents when they mistreat their child or not take care of his/her needs and wants. It is easy for a parent to get judged in society comparing to a child because parents are role models for children’s. Even when a child has been mistreated by her/his parent, it is easy for the child to forgive their parents. The reason behind that situation would be a parent’s unconditional love that a child sees, despite what he/she has been through. In the book The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, she portraits a situation like that where the character spends her childhood memories with her father. Even though Jeannette’s father Rex Walls was an irresponsible father and failed to protect his children, Jeannette still loved her father dearly. During Christmas Jeannette’s father Rex would give his kids stars as a present. Jeannette describes Rex as an intelligent, loving and smart father that she admired a lot. The term father reflected Jeannette’s overall admiration for her father because her father is brave enough to face the cold. As the author quotes, ‘the cold never bothered him” (39). In other words, Rex Walls has the potential to make Jeannette feel special. Specifically, Jeannette describes her father in a very simple way that explains the entry experience and structure of the story. In the book Jeannette repeats that “Dad said” several

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