The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Bad Mothers, Bad Foundations In order to create a building, you must first make sure the foundation is durable. Without a sturdy foundation, the structure won’t be able to stand up properly causing it to come crumbling down. Roofs are supported by pillars, wagons with wheels, and the human body with legs. Without pillars, wheels, or legs, the entire machine wouldn’t be able to do what it’s meant to do. In order to create a castle out of a material so fragile such as glass, it is crucial for the base to be as robust as possible. The ideals of a mighty foundation can be seen in the structure of a family. The parents are the bases that have the duty to make their children reach the clouds. Sons and daughters are a result of the nurturing…show more content…
There would be times when her children need her the most, but she would be too busy thinking about her future life. All of her hope is on her one day becoming an artist. Rose Mary doesn’t really see reality, doesn’t really see the life’s big picture. Her mind is set on a fantasy! Without the help of her husband, Rose Mary would probably have vanished, in pursuit of becoming an artist. She would most likely travel the states in search of public that were fascinated with her art work. At times you could even say that she puts herself before her children too much and truly regrets having them. She sees them as a burden or obstacle that keeps her from achieving her goal of becoming an artist. Therefore, Rose Mary Walls is a woman who is lets her selfishness take priority when it comes to being a mom by putting her personal art career before family life. Another form of greed can deal with money, a necessity that drives some people crazy. Money has the power to ruin lives, relationships and even families as Rose Mary Walls did. If your family is financially poor and is on the verge of not surviving, any money collected should be used to benefit the family. Splurging cash on un-necessary items is a complete waste of good money. Rose Mary continuously misused money for her own personal benefits. The memoir states, “ ‘It 's my bad gums. I 'm working my jaw to

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