The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Individuals can be seen responding to the circumstances they endure in many different ways. The way they choose to respond to issues can determine whether the effect of their exposure will end up to be a positive strengthen to their character. In the memoir The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls, we see the effects of past experiences on Jeannette and we see how she uses those situations to shape the person that she becomes. Jeannette is a focal point to the life of success that a person can live even after growing up in an unorthodox family. She goes to prove that even with the strangest life she lives, she had the passion to pursue her goals is significant and her desire achieves the life she wants while her dreams were being…show more content…
Even with those disadvantages Jeannette ensures that she excels in all that she does and puts all possible effort into what she wants to become. Even at a young age she makes sure that she joined a newspaper club at her school and though she is treated poorly and it judged harshly by those around her, she works her way up to becoming the editor and key writer if her high school newspaper. Jeannette works hard to become the editor of her high school newspaper and proves herself that she is a capable writer. Over the years Jeannette continues to ensure that she strives for what she wants without any inhibitions from the life she has lived. Long after high school success when she finally moves to New York, Jeannette sees that she again is doing what will help her achieve her desire while also proving that she can have success even after living such a peculiar life. She is even able to get a job for The Phoenix. “I’ve never been happier in my life.” (Walls, 248) Jeanette 's displays exuberance at having achieved what she desires and continues to achieve more as she climbs the ladder to reach her final goals. Jeannette is bringing herself up from the rubble of a life that she has lived to achieve her goals. With hard work and a steely determination Jeannette proves that no matter what you’ve come

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