The Glass Castle By Jeannette Walls

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Jeannette Walls wrote the memoir, The Glass Castle, about the story of her life and her family. She wrote about her and her family’s hardships and what they went through throughout their lives. A major theme throughout the book would be self-efficiency. Jeannette and her family traveled for the majority of their lives but never went to others for help. They learned to live on their own, be strong and not rely of society norms or what is normal to help them through life. This was a value to their family, especially Jeanette’s parents. The main characters of the book were Jeanette Walls and her family. Her parents were Rex and Rose Mary Walls. Jeanette also had four siblings. Their names were: Lori, Brian, Mary and Maureen. Sadly, Mary Charlene had died at only nine-months old. The family of six were constantly on the road of the West coast. They never stayed in one town for too long. Her first memory was being burned by fire while cooking hot dogs when she was three years old. She suffered severe burns and later became fascinated with fire. Rex would always find a new job in each town, but they were always low on food and money, living day-by-day. The longest he had kept a job was six months. They never went to the hospital until absolutely necessary. Rose would always take care of her kids or husband before ever deciding to take them to the hospital. They lived “freely.” Rex had a drinking and gambling problem, and occasionally got violent. Although Rex had issues,…

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