The Glass Castle

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In this both heart wrenching and slightly humorous memoir, successful journalist Jeannette Walls tells the bittersweet story of her rather dysfunctional and poverty stricken upbringing. Walls grows up in a family trailed by the ubiquitous presence of hunger and broken down homes. Throughout the memoir she recounts memories of moving from one dilapidated neighborhood to another with her three other siblings, insanely "free sprinted" mother, and incredibly intelligent yet alcoholic father. The author focuses on her unconventional childhood with somewhat unfit parents much too lazy and self-absorbed to even obtain decent jobs. Although Walls's childhood gushes with heartbreaking tales of searching through dumpsters for food, she remains as…show more content…
Instead of spending his time and energy on making sure his family does not starve he "soaks up booze like a sponge." Walls even further describes him as a man who "knowing that all the bars and liquor stores would be closed on Christmas, usually stocked up in advance." Even after stating statements like these she still writes, "In my mind, he was perfect." As a result of her father's inability to support the family, Walls gets a job and recalls her father begging her for money. When she questions him about his need for the money he simply responds, "For beer and cigarettes." She responds perversely by saying, "I have bills piling up. I have kids to feed." Despite finding herself switching roles with her father, she never complains and sees her father through forgiving eyes and claims, "Everyone has something good about them. You have to find the redeeming quality and love the person for it." Although her father may have a "slight drinking problem" she manages to not dwell resentfully on this, and instead chooses to believe he loves his family very dearly even if he does not show it all the time. With parents like these, succumbing to anger and revenge proves understandable, but instead the author bypasses all of this. Although her childhood is surrounded by less than inspiring figures her optimism allows her to make something of her life. Wall's even ends up maintaining excellent grades and
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