The Glass Castle : Prompt # 3

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|High Tech Summer Reading Assignment|
|Brian Arcalas|
|3 September 2014|The Glass Castle: Prompt #3|
In the memoir, “The Glass Castle”, there were characters that desired freedom from the rules of society while the others however, wished for a normal life that had the happiness and security that they wanted. A normal life would be having a decent home, going to school everyday, parents with stable jobs, bills paid and at least three meals a day. The Walls Family didn’t have a normal life, in fact they always traveled from place to place because they couldn’t pay their bills, the children were home tutored by their parents (although later on they go to school) and worst of all, the Walls would starve going many days without food. For every child, it’s important that they have a sense of freedom by being able to do what they want while they’re still young. Then again, children should also feel like they’re secured, protected and safe from everything. Although if I were to choose which is more important for children, I would say security is more important .
Think about it, children will have many opportunities in the world by obtaining freedom like traveling, exploring or basically getting away from home. In fact if you have read the book, you’ll see that the characters actually have all the freedom they want but what they had lacked the most was security. Characters such as Jeannette (Narrator) and Brian (Brother) had been able to explore everywhere they went. For example,

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