The Glass Castle Reflection

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When I think of the name Jeannette Walls, I automatically think of her book, The Glass Castle. This is a story about her life and the hardships she faced growing up. She experienced poverty, hunger, bullying, and so many more horrible things that others can relate to. At a young age, Jeanette was a little oblivious to her family’s problems. When people are young, they are less experienced with hard times and personal problems. They think that the bad things happening are normal because they know nothing else. For Jeanette, she thought that being on the move all the time was normal and that it was okay. As she got older, she began to realize that things can and should be different. Another thing that Jeannette experienced was obliviousness when it came to love and hope. Jeannette believed her father when he said he was going to build the Glass Castle and make all these inventions that would make their family rich, but he never did. Jeannette chose to see the goodness and hope in her family, but as she got older, she began to mature and become realistic.…show more content…
With the fighting that seemed endless, I became oblivious to the people around me and myself. I closed myself off, and did not notice the personal struggles that some of my family members were going through. As I grew up, I learned to be more aware of my own feelings, as well as those around me. I have also become a less confrontational person because I never want to have to go through fights again. I feel like my family has always been dysfunctional in a sense, but I would not change them. Yes, there were tough times that I went through, but I did not become a person who was afraid to make friends or experience life. I became a strong young woman who pushed past the difficult points in her life. If you have experienced a difficult time in your life, would you change it even if it helped you become who you are
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