The Glass Castle, Rex And Rose Mary Walls

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Parenting has always been an issue since the brick of dawn and recently been recognized as a problem for our society: remarkably people have finally decided to try to do something about it. In the Glass Castle, Rex and Rose Mary Walls went through many struggles raising their children but ultimately the struggles made the children stronger individuals; despite the alcoholism, sickness, and domestic abuse. Jeanette and her siblings have been through many hardships as they grew up, living with their dysfunctional parents.
Rex and Rose Mary Walls weren’t always bad parents, if anything, they were the parents every kid would want; caring, supportive, kind, and everything there is to having parents. In the beginning, Jeannette’s family roamed around and they were constantly finding new places to live. Even as the family moves around, the children still received education, although from different schools. Sometimes their father, Rex Walls, home schooled them as well, teaching them basic geology. Moreover, Jeannette has three siblings; Brian, Maureen, and Lori. Rex Walls taught his children how to survive on their own and also taught them subjects such as math and science, which indicate that he can be a great dad like any other. Jeannette goes into detail on how awesome her father is saying “Dad always fought harder, flew faster, and gambled smarter than everyone else in his stories.”(Page 24). There were times that Jeanette described her father

as someone who she looked up to…

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